Friday, June 24, 2011

Australia Days 11-12 (final days)

Paronella Park Australia: this is an old spanish-style mansion built by some eccentric man. We didn't actually go in because, like everything in Australia, it cost like $30/person and we were sick of giving Australia all of our money.

But we could play at the swimming hole for $0/person and that we did.

I have about 20 more pictures of Dev and Mike hamming it up for the cameras.

Also, we saw a really cool bright green big tree frog hiding in the bathroom. Mom, Dev and Mike all poked it. I didn't poke it because I think that is rude. But I did like looking at it.

Waterfall Circuit. Please note how the water is all fuzzy and pretty and everything else is sharp. It is a new camera trick I learned on this trip.

This was a beautiful piece of country. It was so green and serene. I could easily live somewhere like this.

We spent our last day in Australia relaxing at Yorkie's Knob. We spent most of the day just playing in the waves and making up games and throwing frisbees. Then that evening, we took 1 million pictures of ourselves.

It was starting to get dark and my pictures started to get crappy. That is just how it goes when you are the kind of girl who does not know how to use the flash on her over-complicated camera.

Em is Dev's girlfriend. Doesn't this kind of make you wish you were Dev's girlfriend?

We loved Australia. We loved the reef and the jungle and the beach and the meat pies. I especially just loved getting to spend day in and day out with all my wonderful family.

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