Friday, June 17, 2011

Australia Days 1-3

Trinity Beach: beautiful beach our apartment was on.

Trinity Beach: scary message on our beach. Mike and Dev still swam.

Day 2: Botanical Gardens Spider

Botanical Gardens lizard.

Trinity Beach Apartments: Dev & Mike with giant bug.

Trinity Beach Apartments: one of many geckos lived in the light

Botanical Gardens: unknown bird
Day 3: Great Barrier Reef Dive, sea turtle

Great Barrier Reef Dive: Mike (before puking in his regulator)

Great Barrier Reef Dive, coral and fishies

Great Barrier Reef Dive, Dev and sea turtle

Great Barrier Reef Dive, Giant Clam (seriously like adult man size)

Great Barrier Reef Dive, big fish

Great Barrier Reef Dive, another big fish
Other notable events from the first few days of vacation:
1) Left side of the road.... YIKES
2) Rusty's market and over-ripe custard fruit and deep fried curry
3) Mike's unyielding sea sickness
4) Little black crabs in the mud at the Botanical Gardens with one big red pincher each
5) Deep fried croc and kangaroo steaks (yum!)
6) Frisbee on the beach
7) Beach sunrises from our living room
8) BBQ Aussie style on our patio
9) Air New Zealand's awesome Richard Simmons inflight safety video ( Watch it!

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  1. I guess it's not a true macpfister vacation without one of you puking. I'm super jealous of your trip. One day I'm going to make it down there. Also, the video rocks.