Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Australia Day 9 Fitzroy Island

Devin conquering a coconut on the beach with a shell and a brick.


Mike snorkelling, as usual. He was so happy out there with the fishies.

It is difficult to consider a vacation where you are often sharing a room with your brother, mom and husband to be romantic but we liked to pretend by making Dev take romantic pictures of us.

* Our apartment was RIGHT on the beach. It was beautiful. The only problem was that our 2 bedroom was more like one bedroom with a bed in the living room. Oh well...
* Extremely steep hike to the summit. I spent the whole time scared of snakes.
* Humidity
* Large monitor lizards
* Cockatoos everywhere
* Amazing snorkelling.
* Worst convenience store in the world. There was not a single fresh item. But at least they had meat pies.
* Really nice dinner.
* Scary movie that made me unable to sleep. Why would an island resort play a movie about a serial killer?

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