Sunday, June 19, 2011

Australia Day 4 Kuranda

Skyrail ride over the jungle to the village of Kuranda.

This bird is  called a Cassowary. Larger than an emu, this was the most prehistoric thing I have seen. 

Devin is just so happy to be in the jungle.

My favorite thing about feeding the wallabies and kangaroos was how they held firmly onto your fingers while they ate. It was so intimate and dear.

Devin checking out the contents of a wallaby pouch. Unduly invasive if you ask me.

The aviary was so amusing because these birds would not leave us alone.

I think this wombat looked pretty cute and harmless. But then when I accidentally dropped many of the contents of my purse into the pen and one of the staffers came by, he kind of got freaked about the whole thing because apparently this little guy is really nasty and will scratch and bite and can really hurt you. When the wombat got distracted digging a hole, the staffer bravely and quickly jumped in and retrieved my stuff.

Also Mike, Dev and Cory discovered meat pies and ate those pretty much every meal thereafter.

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