Monday, March 19, 2012

Planning Procrastination

I am a total planning procrastinator. I don't plan to procrastinate. I use planning as an excuse to procrastinate. I can spend all morning on the internet exploring healthy recipes for my meal plan, as a way to avoid actually shopping and cooking. Similarly, I have spent hours researching shoes or heart rate monitors or exercise moves or running routes or the perfect book to listen to instead of just going out and exercising. It is very insidious.

Recently I have been trying to make myself act before I plan. Like do my exercise for the day before I am allowed to "research" exercise techniques. I still find myself falling into this bad pattern but now that I have noticed it, I can snap out of it more often.

“Before I can start, I’ve got to plan.”
Sure, planning is important. But right now, it’s just procrastination.
You know how it goes: “Before I start, I need to get workout clothes that fit. And shoes. And join a gym. And load some new songs on my iPod. Then I’ll get a meal plan and go shopping, and I’ll be ready to start!”
Maybe you do need all that stuff. But first, just start.
It’s easy: go outside and start walking or get on your bike. Go in one direction for just five minutes — fast when you want, slow when you want. Enjoy yourself — play — then turn around and come home. Do it again the next day, and the day after that, feeling free to gradually do more as your body allows you to.
Build some momentum by doing something small every day. Then, and only then, should you think about planning. 

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