Friday, December 30, 2011

A few seasonal pics from my phone

Jim & Rox at the Idaho Famous Potato Bowl where USU lost in the last 13 seconds.

Mike & Brit at botanical gardens.

Bryce & Renzee at Mike's cookie & pizza party. P.S. Mike had been suggesting we throw a Christmas party and I kept raising objections like everyone is too busy, it is too much work, the kids will be bored. Then one day he just ignored me and invited the kids over on a Saturday afternoon for pizza and cookies. It was fabulous.

Lauren being crafty at cookie & pizza party.

Zuzu at cookie & pizza party (she was having fun.. trust me).

Tyler with his ward party creation.

Bekah was begging me to take this picture.

Ellie was also very proud.

Mike with Ellie & Bekah watching Harry Potter.

Jim & Rox with Katie & Ryan barely visible in the background. We decked out the car with Christmas lights and then went to look at other people's Christmas lights. Logan let us down this year. Our own car was more festive than most houses.

Brit & Mike in Mom's Christmas Room.

Mom's incredible Christmas Room.

Sooo many gifts. We had a Brazilian spend Christmas with us and he was a bit horrified.

Ryan & Katie with a gingerbread house. It was the final piece to the gingerbread village they have been building all season. These kids are festive!

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