Friday, November 18, 2011

Missionary Cheesiness

Devin with a sugar cookie ghost missionary.
One thing I tend to not like about missionaries is how cheesy they get about everything. But I am afraid that Devin's recent cheesiness is rubbing off on me and it is apparent from this post.

The thing I had forgotten about missions is how, in some ways, you actually stay closer to your missionary than you did before their mission. Before his mission, Dev and I would go a couple of months between contacts. And when we did see each other, it was often passing hellos inbetween our other activities.

Now I try and write Dev a few times a week. He always writes me at least once a week. I think we know more detail about each other's lives now than we have in about 17 years. And we always say "I love you" in the letters. I am surprised how much I like this. It is making me want to tell everyone I love them at least once a week (well, everyone that I do in fact love). Yikes, this post is getting cheesy.

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